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Cindy Stella Nguyen
New York City
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I aspire to inspire.

Thank you @voguemagazine for a pair of Toms and an invitation to #runwayretreat 👠

Thank you @voguemagazine for a pair of Toms and an invitation to #runwayretreat 👠

Never have I ever met someone who made could make me feel excited, nervous, ecstatic, and heavyhearted all at once.

I walk around the city all by myself and I wonder why you aren’t here walking next to me and it makes me sad. I wait around for your response to my messages and it ames me anxious. Seeing your name appear on my phone makes me incredibly cheerful. Waiting for your response makes me fidgety.

In a crowd, your face is the only face I can see.

Every tune I hear reminds me of you.

Every happy couple I see makes me think of you.

I want to jump on every plane I see in the sky so that I can fly towards you.

Hearing your laugh— listening to your voice makes me weak.

Being in your presence alone is divine.

I long for your affection.

I crave your touch.

I lust for your lips.

Your smell is intoxicating.

But baby when you call me “beautiful” I completely lose it. 

No one has ever had that affect on me before.

Can you feel the desire?


You are my muse.

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the main thing i look forward to in life is raising dogs w/ someone i love

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I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life

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